Our First Commercial - Davinci Creative / by Joe Bryant

We're really excited to announce that "Davinci Creative" has completed it's first "Infomercial" for a new startup called "Simplifi", known as Financial Insurance Professionals, a Virtual Business Management company. They're reinventing the wheel of how traditional management works, while cutting costs, growing sales and improving industry leading practices. 

Davinci Creative launched this past May to formally pitch and produce original media content. This was an amazing and exciting opportunity to demonstrate our vision to this startup and create a video representing their brand while explaining what they do in a little over 2 minutes. We're very proud of our most recent work and excited for whats ahead!

To read more about their service visit SimplifiBiz.com.  Check out our production companies page DavinciCreative.co




Source: https://youtu.be/1wYLFTrxABA