Pet Photography Happened by Accident! / by Joe Bryant

Those who know me, know I'm a softy when it comes to animals. They fill a void only you and they understand. Other pet owners get it, and non-animal-owners don't. They view it as a version of insanity the majority of the time and I wouldn't blame them. I've photographed only a few animals, all of which are either friends pets, or our family dog, Jack. I shot them initially to try out some new strobes, and a new beauty dish. All equipment testing led to enjoying the overall experience and wanting to try more. It's a quick shoot with each, you have about 5-10 minutes before you lose your pets concentration. 

Which one do you like the most? Please share with those that you feel would enjoy! :)

Below is our family dog Jack!  


Our friends dog that was and is staying with us for a period of time... Meet Archie!